Welcome everybody to this humble blog where I’ll be posting curiosities, interesting things and a few projects: everything related to crochet, yarn and the DIY world!

Many of you read our Facebook page and know that the most frequent question is if Aracne is my nickname, alias or stage name (?). Sorry to disappoint you, but no, Aracne isn’t me, Aracne is our boss in the workshop.

In Spanish “El taller de Aracne” means “Aracne’s Workshop” (Arachne in English, but we like it in Spanish). The inspiration to call our little corner this way comes from daydreaming about something like Santa’s workshop with his elves working and making toys BUT instead of toys it was going to be a magical place full of infinite yarn that fall from a rainbow over a patchwork field with pincushion trees…  In reality, Aracne comes from Greek (/Roman) mythology and though there are different versions, all of them agree that she was an excellent weaver, it was said that she was the best weaver of the world and she became so conceited that she started to say that she was better than Athena, who was the goddess of weavers. Athena found out and obviously wasn’t really happy , so she appeared disguised as an old lady and challenged Aracne to a “weave challenge” (yes, it’s a good idea, we should do it to solve discussions between knitters and crocheters). In one version Athena wins, in other version Aracne wins, what we know is that Aracne couldn’t live without weaving and because she was merciful (or maybe as a punishment), Athena transformed Aracne into a spider. From there comes the term “arachnids”.

This is the story behind our name and we like to believe we work in Aracne’s Workshop, who is not a hideous monster like some people describe, but a kawaii spider that crochets, knits and weaves happily all day and that we are her arachnids, doing crochet items for people with good (or bad) behavior.

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