Summer, crochet and sunshine


Hi arachnids! We are back with a post full of summer colors.

This season has been extremely productive and I still have a lot of projects to share with you before winter comes. But don’t worry because Aracne never let us rest and we are already looking for delicious winter yarns for the coming months.


Breezy summer crochet

A new year is another reason to crochet and knit summer garments.  I hope we can have two summers again!

Asquint Skirt


I told you before that this year was going to be one full of skirts and we are accomplishing what we promised little by little. This skirt is a paid pattern of intermediate level but quick to make and your choice of yarn will decide if it’s perfect for cold or hot weather. I wanted a cool fabric so I used Catania Fine and Catania from Schachenmayr  in navy,  royal, phlox and zimt. I used 5 navy skeins and 1 of each color with a 3.5 (E/4) hook.

It was a summer skirt so I needed a lining and I found a navy fabric that was the same color so the skirt wasn’t see-through.

This pattern can be worked fast and the only real problem is hiding all those yarn ends that you get when changing colors. The pattern is well written and I didn’t find errors so I really recommend it.

This is a paid pattern but if you are looking for a free pattern with this Catania cotton yarn, take a look at Top S8075.

Wonder Wheel Top


This pattern is easy to make because it’s really just a big circular design that you have to make once for the back and once for the front, you sew them and it’s ready!

I made it with a 5 mm (H/8) hook and some bamboo skeins that I won at a contest a few months back and I don’t remember the yarn name (I think it said something like “Boleroo”). It was my first time crocheting with bamboo and I must say it’s reaaally soft and lightweight, and in this fuchsia color it creates a beautiful contrast with darker colors like black.

This pattern is easy and quick to make so I started it last year and finished it fast but I was clueless about what to do with it since it ended up being too big for me. Then I found this belt and they were so perfect together that I just knew what I had to do. This pattern comes in written and graphic form.


Julia Top


And finally, this Julia pattern introduces and interesting mix between crochet and knit. I made it with Katia’s Lino 100% ( and it was the first time I used linen, so I was greatly surprised when it resulted so soft after washing and handling it while knitting because initially it seemed so stiff and coarse.

This pattern is for a tunic top but it occurred to me I could make a dress with some extra rows. I used circular interchangeable needles and hook in 2.5mm.

The crochet part was difficult because it had to fit like a glove so I had to take some measurements and I had to go back a few times until it fit perfectly. The knit part was also a challenge because it was my first time doing something like this but when I got into the knitting rhythm it was just repeating until it was done.

The dress was supposed to be looser but I didn’t keep track and didn’t measure when I was supposed to so it was late and I only realized it was fitted when it was too late, but I love it anyways!

The pattern is extremely well explained and detailed with a lot of pictures so it’s recommended as a knit pattern for beginners and the crochet details make it better.

This time all patterns are paid one but don’t worry, I will post another free project this month that you will love.

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