Sadly, the answer is no… But! It’s time to talk about a magical land across multiple time zones, a land where is always hot and winter only means that it’s hot AND ALSO that there’s rain. A land where people walk with parasols and you have a permanent tan,  the 38°C-in-the-shade-land. That’s right, the Land of the Endless Summer. In this mythical place, you can wear your summer clothes all year and that means that if you were impatient and you crocheted summer clothes during winter, you can take it there and wear it happily.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the Land of Endless Summer or you simply cannot wait to start your springsummer projects, I present you some free and paid patterns so you can switch to sun and beach mode, even if there’s still time left.

As you would expect, in the Land of the Endless Sumer what people wear are sheer fabrics and breathable yarns, no alpaca or virgin wool. Here you have to use cotton, silk and bamboo.

Oswin Shawl

First I will start with a project I made as a gift for my grandma: the Oswin Shawl.

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

To do this project I used Katia’s Rustic Silk and a 4 mm hook (it’s a shame but it seems Rustic Silk has been discontinued or at least it doesn’t appear anymore in Katia’s website). These skeins are 100% silk and they really have something different because even though they are soft, they have an unusual texture (rustic).

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

This pattern is REALLY easy and it yields beautiful results with little effort because the pattern repeats over and over and you are finished before you even realize it.

The final result (with happy grandma included):

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

Super Cotton Vest

This free pattern is available at Pierrot website, here.

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

This pattern was my first try to make a top and I think it’s an intermediate level just because the pattern is in Japanese and there are steps that are implied and you have to guess.

For this project I used a 2.5 mm hook and Katia’s Darling yarn.

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

The truth is that because it’s 100% merino wool, the yarn it’s a little hot and sticky but I couldn’t resist these colors and the lacy pattern made it cooler.

Another thing that could make this pattern harder is that it’s only in graphic or visual pattern, and is possible many people won’t like that. I wasn’t an expert reading these patterns when I started but I did it little by little and it was a motivating way of learning.

And the final result:

Crochet pattern ideas for summer


Mango Infinity Cowl

This pattern comes in CrochetScene  Special Issue 2014 magazine and you can get it on its own in Crochetme website.

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

This project was also a gift for a friend and it’s perfect for spring (in her case she travels a lot to a colder place). So it wouldn’t be to hot I used 100% cotton with Katia’s Malí, a really soft and beautiful emerald green color.

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

It was bigger than the original dimensions because I used a thicker yarn and a bigger hook (5 mm) that the one in the pattern but because it was a cowl, it was very cute.

I think the pattern is a little more complicated, definitely an intermediate pattern because even if the steps per se weren’t difficult, the pattern is all written and doesn’t have any visual guide so at least in my case that made it more difficult and I was confused sometimes.

Final results:

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

Arito Top

This pattern is an original design and it was a gift for my mother. I hope I can share it sometime because it really it’s adjustable to any size and because it’s reaaally cool and easy to make.

For this garment I used 100% cotton with Katia’s Tahiti Spray that has a beautiful print and with the lace stitches I used, it really shows off its colors.

Crochet pattern ideas for summer

Final result:


All these summer patterns need to be blocked because they are lacy and because blocking really makes the design look better. If you want to know how to wet-block (you can use this technique with every pattern with the exception of the Oswin Shawl), click here to learn with this brief tutorial.

And that’s all for today! Did you start your spring and summer projects or am I the only impatient one? I hope you get to choose one of these patterns!

**Thanks to the models =D**

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