Spring Survival Crochet

Hello there, my dear arachnids! We are back with a lot of new ideas.

As you’ve notices, we did a full renovation to El taller de Aracne and we’re still in this process, so if you find some things out of place, don’t worry about it.

We’ve divided our website in three main categories:

  1. Crochet ideas – posts like these one where I collect various projects with details, download information, etc.
  2. Free patterns – original and translated full patterns.
  3. Tutorials – videotutorials and phototutorials available for you.

And now, let’s start!



Ah, spring, taking layers on and off, birds singing and alergies are part of the spring experience. But this is also the momento to dust off some garments from last year, these garments need to be easy to combine, and especially, easy to layer.



Molly Skirt


This year I have several skirts in mind and this is just the first. It doesn’t seem to be a popular pattern but I’m not really sure why. I made this with 8 skeins of Katia’s Capri in brick color and a 3 mm hook.

I actually made this really quick and the pattern was very easy, especially because the final result looks like it’s complex. Nonetheless, after wearing it, I think a 3,5 mm would have been better so it could be a little more loose, but I think after a few washes it will be perfect.

This is a paid pattern and it’s in English. Also, it only has the written pattern without a visual aid, but the pattern is so simple that it’s not really a problem.

I love this skirt and it was born to be used in spring and summer because it’s really cool for a hot weather.

The only issue was that the skirt needed a lining because at least with this yarn and hook size it’s impossible to wear it without people seeing your panties. I found the perfect fabric for the lining, it matched the skirt color and I couldn’t resist. They persuade me to learn a little sewing so I went to a sewing class and well, the teacher only had two hours to teach me, so she did what she could (note here that I can’t even sew well manually).

Anyway, the final result is this, a cool skirt and a easy and adjustable pattern. I recommend it!


Crochet motif shrug


This is a free pattern and only with graphics with some English words.

I made this shrug for a wedding in April in Cádiz and it was perfect because it wasn’t cold nor hot but there was a cold wind that sometimes froze you. Also, this shrug meets the requirement “easy to layer”.

This pattern was made in a race against time and even the night before I was still finishing everything off but this is so easy to make that I crocheted it in two weeks. The issue comes with the threads that I had to weave in.

Another problem (at least for me) is that I didn’t understand how to join the back and front side when I was finishing the pattern, but this part is in the underarm so it doesn’t show in case it doesn’t turn that pretty. I hope you have patience for this part (not like me) so you can have better results.

I used 2 skeins of cotton+viscose Katia’s Brisa in black (the name is very appropiate for the windy day it was) and a 2 mm hook. I think this garment could’ve been better with a thiner yarn that showed off the flower pattern, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful shine of viscose.



Scalloped Shawl


The name is self-explanatory as you can see in the photos. The body is super easy and the real challenge is the lace part (but if you’re like me and get distracted all the time… then the first part is also a challenge).

I deciphered the pattern with my knitting teacher :D, she had the patience to help me and it took since December to finish this. I REALLY wanted to finish already.

I used 3 skeins of madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in Purple Basil and the pattern here in book 3. The yarn is a 100% merino yarn, so delicious, soft and lovable and with this PERFECT shade of color.

I didn’t make it too long so I could use it around the neck and not around the shoulders. I don’t recommend this pattern if you’re starting to knit but if you already know the basic tecniques and want to take a step further, this is for you!

By the way… did you think you could achieve these results without blocking? did you? Well, no, is completely necessary to do it because these are lacy stitches. Blocking is really easy! Here you can learn in a brief tutorial.

Okay, this is it, arachnids. Hopefully we’ll see each other soon with some new patterns!

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