S8075 Ladies Top


Hi arachnids! Welcome to a new pattern.

I wanted to translate this pattern because it can be worked fast and I think is the perfect pattern for a quick project before summer is over! I did it really fast because is repetitive so I could crochet on the bus or anywhere.

This S8075 Ladies Top is really simple to do though there are a couple of stitches than you might need to practice if you’re a beginner, but they repeat all the time and that makes it easier!

This is a free pattern from yarn brand Schachenmayr and I did it with Catania Denim from that same brand. These skeins are 100% soft cotton with a touch of color that I really like. I used 6 skeins for this size.

Something that you need to have in mind is that you have to wash this when you finish it because it spilled a lot of color when it was soaking, so if you wash it directly with other garments, stains could get stained!

This top is so cool and convenient! You don’t have to worry for sizes because the width is worked as you go and you can stop anytime. Just remember to be careful with the initial chains because that’s the height of the top.

I made this a little bigger than usual for me because it’s a gift and I wanted to make sure it will fit.

As you can see, the top is breezy and looks great over a solid color.

And of course, this pattern won’t look as good unless you block it after finish it (if you don’t know how to block, look here).

And now, enjoy!


Link to preview and download PDF version.

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