Pastel Spring Afghan

Pattern and step-by-step tutorial

Good day, my fellow arachnids!

Today we start with excellent news: We’ve reached 300 followers on Facebook! So thank you if you follow us there and if you don’t Like us and join us in this growing group.

To celebrate this occasion we decided to bring today a project we were working on, and it’s here!  The Pastel Spring Afghan.

This idea was born because I needed a gift for a baby due in November-December (yes, I know, it’s too soon but I have more babies on the way that need their afghans) and I decided to make it related to spring because they found out and announced it on April. For this reason the afghan has a floral-like design without being totally flowery, because I also wanted a gender-neutral design. I chose pastel colors because they are not my favorites and a gift for a baby is a good excuse to use them.

For this afghan I used Katia’s Alabama for the first time in lavender, blue, green and apricot. These skeins are a soft and elastic cotton-acrylic mix. This time I decided to use a mix with acrylic to make it easier to wash for the future moms, because I seriously doubt they will have time to hand-wash the afghan. I made it with 14 skeins y a 5 mm (H/8) hook and it turn out 68 x 135 cm (26.7 x 53 in).

I hope you enjoy our phototutorial, and we have another surprise! I dared to create a graphic for the first time because I know how many of you prefer a visual pattern. I think it looks pretty okay!

Please comment, and we are already in July, so happy summer!

PD: If you want to learn how to change colors in an invisible way, here it is.


(PDF preview and download)

patron primaveral


Yarn: Alabama Katia (115 y) = 1610 y

Color A (3 skeins color 50, 315 m/345 y), color B (4 skeins color 47, 420 m/460 y]), color C (3 skeins color 43, 315 m/345 y) and color D (4 skeins color 46 420 m/460 y).

Hook: 5 mm (H/8)


1 repetition from row 1 to 7 starting with 17 chains: 4.7 x 2.4 inches/12 cm x 6 cm


ch= chain(s)

sl st=slip stitch

sc=single crochet

hdc=half-double crochet

dc=double crochet

tc=treblet crochet

2dc-cl=2 double crochet cluster

ch-#sp= space of #ch


26,7 x 53 inches (68 x 134 cm)


tc: Yarn over twice, insert hook into stitch and draw through a loop (4 loops on hook), *yarn over hook and draw through 2 loop*x 3 times.

2dc-cl: Start a dc but stop before finishing it (2 loops on hook), yarn over and start a second dc in the same stitch and stop before finishing it (3 loops on hook), yarn over and draw through the 3 loops.


The pattern needs a multiple of 8 +1.


Row 1: [With color A] 169 ch, sc throughout the row = 169 sc.

Manta Primavera tuto1

Manta Primavera tuto2

Row 2: [Change to color B] 1 ch, sc throughout the row in front loop = 169 sc.

Manta primavera tuto3 EN

Manta primavera tuto4

Row 3: [Change to color C] 4 ch, [skip 1 sc, *1 2dc-cl, 1 ch, 1 2dc-cl* in the same stitch, 1 ch, skip 1 sc, 1 dc in following sc, 1 ch] repeat until the end of the row, 1 dc in last sc = 42 2dc-cl.

Manta primavera tuto5

Row 4: [Change to color D] 1 ch, 1 sc, [1 sc in ch-1 sp, skip 1 2dc-cl *1 sc, 3 ch, 1 sl st* in ch-1 sp between both 2dc-cl, skip 1 2dc-cl, 1 sc in ch-1 sp, 1 sc in following dc] =42 ch-3 sp.

Manta Primavera tuto9

Row 5: 1 ch, 1 sc, [5 sc in ch-3 sp, 3 sc in following stitches] repeat until the end of the row, 1 sc in last sc  = 42 archs of 5 sc.

Manta Primavera tuto6

Row 6: [Change to color A] 2 ch, 1 hdc, [1 tc in ch-1 sp between 2dc-cl of row 3 (under the arch we’ve just createdo), skip the 5 sc of the arch, 1 hdc in following 3 sc] repeat until the end of the row, hdc in last 2 sc = 169 stitches.

Manta Primavera tuto8

Manta Primavera tuto7

Row 7: 1 ch, sc throughout the row in back loop =169 sc

Manta primavera tuto10

Manta Primavera tuto11

Following rows: Repeat pattern from row 2 to 7.

Weave in ends.


With any color, start at the upper right corner:

[4 ch, 2 ch, 2 dc] in the same stitch, dc in each stitch, [2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc] in the next corner and when you get to the last (and first) corner again, 1 dc in the upper right corner stitch and join with a sl st.





Manta Primavera tuto13

Manta Primavera tuto12

Manta Primavera tuto14

Weave in ends.

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