“¡The days will be happier!”

Well, well, my dear arachnids. Welcome once more to this blog, and just like the song, this new year will be filled with happy yarn days (our favorites!). I didn’t update during holidays but don’t think I forgot about my projects, actually, today I’m posting the awaited winter projects ideas.

Jade Garden Capelet

Jade Garden Capelet cape crochet

It was love at first sight with this capelet but I waited until I found the suggested yarn so it could be perfect.

Vivacious 4ply Fyberspates Copper Tones

The suggested yarn for this project is Fyberspates’ Vivacious 4 ply. Sadly it’s not sold in Spain but you can order it easily to UK. This is my first high-end yarn and I was surprised to find it doesn’t come in a skein, so I had to wind manually both hanks (ugh). But it was worth it because this 100% merino wool is one of the softest yarns I’ve touched and the Copper Tones colorway was beautiful, and so warm! The design seemed so open I was thinking about posting it for spring, but after wearing it I decided it was what I needed for winter.

Jade Garden Capelet cape crochet

The capelet can be found in Simply Crochet issue 26 and it’s only in English. The pattern had some issues with mistakes that made me study the pattern for months before I could solve them but the project is really an intermediate level (the problem was the pattern not the stitches used).


If you want to hook this and have doubts about these mistakes, you can contact me and I can explain what I found so you don’t suffer the same fate.



Cara Cowl

Cara Cowl super chunky free pattern crochet


This second project is a free pattern  available in English but I sent a translation to Krista, the designer and it should be uploaded soon. Also, the website has the option to buy a pdf and she uses those earnings for charity (animals). This pattern requires a low intermediate skill level and it’s done really fast with super chunky yarn and 12 mm hook.

EDIT: Translation here!

Love Wool Katia red beige crochet

I used 3 skeins of Katia’s Love Wool, one in red and two in beige. With this yarn you have to be careful because if it’s really not that cold outside, you will be sweating because of how warm it is. It’s a quick project and perfect for winter crochet.

Cara Cowl super chunky free pattern crochet


Bufandiña Scarf

Bufandiña Scarf super chunky crochet

The Bufandiña Scarf (I didn’t name it!) was the result of weeks of reading and researching to find the perfect design, the perfect stitch, the perfect colors and the perfect yarn. It was meant as a gift for a man that doesn’t like a lot of colors or fancy designs (the following model).

Bufandiña Scarf super chunky crochet

I will soon be posting the pattern for this. It’s really easy to do and it has a good texture. With a 12 mm you can do it in a day (I spent more time designing it than doing it).

Bufandiña Scarf super chunky crochet

With this scarf I had problems to find the right yarn because the neon color was difficult to find for a 100% wool super chunky yarn (because the person who was going to receive it wanted it with a neon green stripe and really warm). In some stores they told me it was impossible to dye wool this color.

Lana Grossa Neon Lei Ragazza crochet pattern


I finally found Lana Grossa’s Ragazza Lei UNI/NEON but I had to order it from Germany. That was not a problem – it arrived really fast!

Scarf free pattern Coming Soon…

Christmas rug

Under the Christmas tree crochet rug free pattern

And of course, it’s obvious I made a project for the Holidays. This rug was the star when people came over to my house in December and you can make it really fast with a 12 mm hook.

Under the Christmas tree crochet rug free pattern

I’ts a Drops free pattern called (0-1050 Under The Christmas Tree) and I made with recycled super chunky yarn that were left-overs from other projects.

Under the Christmas tree crochet rug free pattern

With this project I participated in the Second Crochet Challenge for Club de las Crocheteras Internacional (International Crocheters Club). You can look for the hashtags #ParticipanteOficial,  #2RetoCrochetero and #ElClubDeLasCrocheteras to see the other projects.

Under the Christmas tree crochet rug free pattern


Since past November I’ve been learning to knit so I will post some projects. Crochet will continue as my passion but maybe it’s interesting for people that want to see beginner-level knitted patterns. These are Katia’s patterns (green poncho from Principiantes 4 magazine and the orange one from Principiantes 1).

Katia beginners knit

Katia beginners knit

And now it’s time to say goodbye. I’ll see you next month with more patterns and ideas 🙂


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