Kokiri Case

Original Pattern

The children of the forest, the Kokiri, live here with me. Each Kokiri has his or her own guardian fairy. ―Great Deku Tree

Here we are again! Last week I published a pattern for the Deku Shield Appliqué as a basic introduction to jacquard and I still needed to share with you an idea where you could use it, so this time I present you a free crochet pattern, the “Kokiri Case”.

The Kokiri are a race that appear in The Legend of Zelda, they are children of the forest that don’t age and that always have a fairy companion that are assigned to them and that is by their side during their life. At least in Ocarina of Time, they live in the Kokiri Forest, the place where the game starts and it’s nostalgic for many of us.

Since I already had the Deku Shield Appliqué and my brother was asking for a case for his Ipad, I decided to use the three ideas and this Kokiri Case is the result.

The case was made with a 9 mm hook, Katia Big Ribbon and a button (I chose a coconut shell that goes well with the wood style).

The pattern is completely customizable to the measures you have and it can be used for tablets and smartphones. You only need the measures of your device so you can start. In my case, my brother has an Ipad 2 and I did another case for a Toshiba Excite Go AT7.

The following pattern is a tutorial with some pictures that make it easier to understand, so it’s an easy level pattern but as always, if you have any doubt, please contact me to: [email protected]

Important: it goes without saying that the case is vaguely inspired in the concept of the Kokiri from The Legend of Zelda and doesn’t pretend to be an original product of the trademark that Nintendo owns.


(PDF Preview and download)

Take a look at the pattern’s Ravelry page.

Skill level: Easy

These are instructions for a device with 24,12 cm/9,5 in (height), 18,57 cm/7,31 in (width) and 0,88 cm/0,35 (depth)

• 9 mm and 2,5 mm (for the fairy) hook,
• XL yarn (Katia’s Big Ribbon color 19, 200 g/ 7 oz, 72 m/77 y = 1 skein)
• Cotton yarn (for the fairy),
• Large button,
• Yarn needle,
• White felt,
• Tape measure

8 sc and 8 rows = 4″

Abbreviations (US):
ch= chain
sc= Single crochet
sc2tog = Single crochet 2 together

16 ch + 1 turn ch (in my case the 17 ch had the desired width of the device. Depending on the width you need, the initial ch number will change. The turn ch stays the same).

Kokiri Case Crochet Pattern

Note: Crocheting in rounds.
R1: 16 sc on second ch from the hook.
Crochet another 16 sc on the other side of the initial ch = 32 sc
R2-R22 : 32 sc (you can continue as much as you want or stop when you want, depending on the height of your device).

Kokiri Case Crochet Pattern

Note: Crocheting in rows.

R23: 3 sc, turn =3 sc
R24-25: 1 ch, 16 sc, turn = 16 sc

Kokiri Case Crochet Pattern

R26: 1 ch, 1sc2tog, 12 sc, 1 sc2tog, turn = 14 sc
R27-28: 1 ch, 14 sc, turn = 14 sc
R29: 1 ch, 1 sc2tog, 10 sc, 1 sc2tog, turn = 12 sc
R30: 1 ch, 12 sc, turn =12 sc
Buttonhole: R31: 1 ch, 1 sc2tog, 4 sc, 6 ch, 4 sc, 1sc2tog = 10 sc and 6 ch

Kokiri Case Crochet Pattern
Edging: Slip stitch around the upper and lower edge, and the buttonhole (always over the exterior face not the interior).

Align the button on the center of the case and with the buttonhole (the one you already did) and sew it there.

See here.

Deku Shield Jacquard Basics


R1: Magic ring, 4 sc = 4 sc
R2: 2 sc in every sc = 8 sc
R3: [2 sc in 1 sc, 1 sc] x 4 = 12 sc
R4: 12 sc
R5: [1 sc2tog, 1 sc] x 4 = 8 sc
R6: 4 sc2tog = 2 sc
R7: 2 sc2tog
Leave a long tail to sew the fairy to the case.

Draw the shape of the wings on the felt: 2 big and 2 smaller wings and cut them.
Sew them to the body of the fairy with the cotton yarn.

• Sew the fairy to the back side of the button so it’s secure.
• Sew the Deku Shield to the back side of the case.
• Weave in all ends and done.

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