Hello there, arachnids! It seems today is the International Crochet Day and while I’m not sure how or why, the fact is that I won’t complain for another chance to acknowledge this craft that bring so many joys (and frustrations) to all of us.

That’s why I decided to celebrate by making an unusual post to express some of my experiences with crochet. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner with crochet or an expert hooker, you will know what I mean.


  • You know love at first sight

You know it because you’ve seen those colors, you’ve felt that soft touch, and now you’re thinking what to make with it! Everybody who has fallen in love at first sight with a silk, cotton or alpaca skein, understand.

  • It hurts a little when you’re asked if you’re knitting

For people who prefer crochet, we realize soon how little known is our craft in comparison with knitting. The good side is you can explain to people what is this hook in your hand and all the beautiful things you can make with it.

  • You have an endless yarn stash

Your yarn stash keeps growing in spite of your New Year resolutions and that every time you buy a new skein you swear it’s the last time.

  • You sleep and wake up thinking about that pattern

This project got into your head. If you haven’t started it, you’re fantasizing about what yarn to use and what is going to look like. If you already started, then you’re fantasizing about how much until is finished or maybe you’re trying to decipher something in the pattern.

  • You know mindfulness

If you overcame the initial phase and you mastered this craft then you surely have found yourself completely absorbed in your hands, that moment when you don’t think about future or past and when you’re ideas just flow without staying too long.

  • Know you’re a yarn scholar

Suddenly you know that alpaca is hypoallergenic unlike wool, or about what yarn is better for summer, you also know the perfect percentage of materials and the properties of a garment depending in this percentages. And we know it ―you’re considering learning how to do hand spinning.

  • “Eureka!” moments

After being frustrated, when nothing fits and you don’t know why, you take a break, drink some tea and when you come back, everything is so clear: Eureka!

  • You overcame your perfectionism

When you started you wanted everything perfect but probably you learned to be more flexible (if you wanted to keep your sanity) and now you think twice before frogging your project because you made a little mistake in row 1, now you’re an expert in quick fixes and you even forget about them sometimes.

  • You discovered why it’s important to gauge… the hard way

It’s that inevitable moment if you decide to make garments and you can only avoid it if you stick to rugs and baskets. That moment when that project you made with love and care was so immensely huge or you couldn’t wear it even in your small finger, and then you read for the first time that paragraph at the beginning of every pattern called “gauge”

  • You learned to ask for help

At least in my case, when frustration gets the better of me, my crochet teacher makes me breath and look at the problem from a new perspective and incredibly, I could solve this impasse. It’s important to get help when we can’t find a solution and don’t give up, it doesn’t matter if you use Google or Saint YouTube.

  • Crochet is for grannies

If you’re a man or younger that they expect, or even if you’re not a boring person! Sometimes is unbelievable the number of stereotypes that doing something like crochet can have. If you learned to crochet with this new DIY interest, then surely someone has suggested that crocheting is for grannies and I can’t even imagine what male hookers suffer.

  • Never is enough

Once you start there’s no stopping you. With so many new stitches and techniques, I want them all!


We have so much to tell but this is a good summary for this year, what do you have to tell? =)


Happy Crochet Day!

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