Hanging basket


Hi arachnids!

We are back with another pattern translation. This time the pattern is a basket I made a few months ago and that caught people’s eye because of its Green pistachio color. I must say the pattern is in easy level and it’s really simple to do because the only “weird” stitch is the crab stitch. I’m leaving a useful link below where you can learn how to do it.

The yarn I chose for the hanging basket and that lately I’m using for doing more things that you will see in the future (*secret*) it’s the Katia Big Ribbon, 1 skein for this basket.

It’s really soft and stretchy, a little like spaguetti yarn but not exactly the same. I must say this yarn is my favorite so far and I’m planning to fill my house with things made of Big Ribbon (poor Technologic Arachnid u.u).

And as unrelated news, I’m announcing two new sections on my blog and you can see them up there(↗). There is Shop where you can have access to my Etsy listings (if you don’t know what is Etsy, please look here) and Patterns where you can see an index of my translated or original patterns.

So, without further ado, here it is the pattern that I translated with permission of Rebekka Bjarnoll (original pattern).

Since it doesn’t make any sense to write a Spanish version in the English version of the blog, I will copy the instructions  in case anyone is interested. Also, you can check the English version here.


To read the photos: *cad= ch, PE= sl st, PB= sc, PM= hdc, PA= dc*

Round 1:

Magic ring

cesta colgante tutorial paso a paso5 sc in ring

Aracne Abril 20163

Round 2: Increase (Inc) every stitch = 10 sc

Aracne Abril 20164

Round 3: Inc every stitch = 20 sc

Aracne Abril 20165

Round 4: Inc every other stitch (Repeat [1 sc, inc] throughout the round) = 30 sc

Aracne Abril 20166

Round 5: Inc every three stitches (Repeat [1 sc, 1 sc, inc] throughout the round) = 40 sc

cesta colgante tutorial paso a paso


Round 6-9: 40 sc round

cesta colgante tutorial paso a paso

Round 10: Just like Round 4 = 60 sc

Round 11-12: 60 sc round

Row 13: Ch 1, 60 hdc, 1 sl st

Aracne Abril 20169

Row 14: Ch 2, 60 dc in loop furthest away from you, 1 sl st

cesta colgante tutorial paso a paso

cesta colgante tutorial paso a paso

cesta colgante tutorial paso a paso

Row 15: Ch 1, 60 hdc in back loops, 1 sl st

Row 16: Ch 1, 15 hdc, 30 dc, 15 hdc, 1 sl st

cesta colgante tutorial paso a paso

Row 17: Repeat row 16 but in back loop

Row 18: Ch 1, 60 sc, 1 sl st

cesta colgante tutorial paso a paso

Row 19: Ch 1, IN BACK LOOP: (15 sc, 15 sc2tog, 15 sc, 1 sl st)

Row 20: Ch 10, 1 sl st in same place as row 18. Cut yarn.

cesta colgante tutorial paso a paso

Aracne Abril 201617

Row 21: Optional crab stitch around, 10 sc around.



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