Granny Cocoon Shrug


Hi, arachnids! We’re coming back with the free patterns, and just like last year we focused on blankets, this year I would like to find new patterns for spring-summer, because right now we only have the S8075 Top.

So let’s start with this great idea of María Valles, an unusual and easy-to-make hybrid that will make people ask you about it. This garment looks like a bolero in the front but is longer on the back and it wraps around you like a cocoon (like the name suggests), and the best part is that is totally customizable! The length, the yarn, the color and even the granny are completely up to you. For this reason, Maria calls it a “recipe” instead of a pattern.

Following this idea, I modify some parts of my bolero. First, I used 8 beige skins and 1 orange skein of DMC’s Natura XL, as I was wishing to use it on something. This cotton yarn is super bulky and it feels rustic (but soft) and the stitches look crisp and defined. Using it for crochet clothing is really difficult because it ends up being heavy but with this pattern and a 9 mm big hook (so it’s more “open” and less dense), it came out perfect!

Then I wanted to change the granny. In the original recipe, she uses the classic square granny  but I wanted to use my favorite granny, the one I used for the Flower Sea Blanket. Here you can innovate all you want, so search in google for images using the term “square granny” and choose the one you like the most. What you need to remember is that it must be square.

I also changed the original size because it called for a granny of more than 1 meter, but in my case I stopped at 80 cm (because I’m short), and I actually think I should’ve stopped before.

And finally, I made other changes, for example, I didn’t do the half crochet and slip stitch row so it wouldn’t grow more.

You may not believe this, but this pattern doesn’t NEED to be blocked! Who knew! But if it’s wrinkled or deformed, please don’t hesitate, and block it with this easy tutorial.

I did a step-by-step phototutorial, so please have in mind that the photos are for my granny and not the original one, but in this case, it doesn’t matter.

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