Dress with flare


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It feels like yesterday when we made this video to celebrate our 300 followers, but the time has passed and more people are following us, so we translated this pattern we promised you on the last summer ideas post.

This pattern is from Red Heart and the designer is Linda K. Jefferies. We only did a Spanish translation of that original pattern.

I mentioned in that summer ideas post that this is an intermediate level pattern and it needs a couple of stitches that you may know (like V stitch) but if you don’t, it’s easy to learn. There are more details in the pattern instructions, and I also shared a video.

This is a fitted dress and from the waist downwards its skirt flares, so it has a nice figure. Don’t worry because it comes in a wide range of sizes (S-XXL), so there’s one for everyone. The stitches are really open and that makes it easy to change it (or even make mistakes that no one will notice), but it also grows after blocking it. So you have to keep this in mind.

For this project I used my favourite thread: DMC’s Cébélia in 10. I already used this thread for my Eolande Shawl and Light as Air Vest. For this pattern I used 4 spools in a beautiful green (911) and it was enough. As I said before, the pattern is open and I used a 4 mm hook in this pattern, while in other patterns I used a 1 mm hook. For this reason you have to block it —the pattern needs to open, grow and you need to shape it.

Because of this, you need to use something under it. That means you can use different dresses and change your style every time. I was lucky enough to find a dress with the same green color!

Para esta manta utilicé por primera vez la Alabama de Katia en lavanda, azul, verde y albaricoque. Estos ovillos son una combinación muy suave y elástica de algodón y acrílico, esta vez preferí una mezcla con acrílico para hacer más fácil la lavada para las futuras mamás, pues dudo que les sobre el tiempo para lavar a mano la manta. Con 14 ovillos y un ganchillo de 5 mm salió una manta mediana de 68 x 135 cm.


This is all for today, arachnids, I hope you can keep following us to catch new posts in our site. If you want to see our free patterns, remember we have a library of our own and translated free patterns, and if you want to learn to block, we have a quick tutorial.



(Visualización y descarga  en PDF)

Visit the Spanish post to see the pattern.

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