Jacquard Basics with Deku Shield Appliqué


As I decided for this 2015, I will start sharing my own crochet patterns starting today (alternating with my pattern translations).

I will start with something simple: a Deku Shield-inspired appliqué. The Deku Shield is an item that appears in The Legend of Zelda “Ocarina of Time”, the first shield you get in the game and that many of us remember with nostalgia (the best 40 rupees ever spent).

Deku Shield Jacquard Basics

For this pattern I used Cotton 100% from Katia in brown and red and a 3.5 mm hook. For this appliqué I used the jacquard technique, but don’t panic because it’s really easy and if you know how to do single crochet, increases and decreases you can do it, the only thing you need to be careful of it’s when it’s time to change color because there are a lot of changes in the same row (this is why the pattern is intermediate level). Anyway, I’m posting photos and a link to a video so you can understand how to do it.

Once you practice with this appliqué, you can start looking for beautiful projects with jacquard technique using so many colors!

It’s my first pattern so if you have any problem or any suggestion, please let me know, to improve it.

And finally… when you finish this pattern, don’t forget to put this video : D

If you have no idea what to do with this appliqué when you’re done… we have some ideas for you on our next post (next week)! And if you want to do a Hylian Shield, take a look at the pattern of All About Ami that I translated to Spanish.


EDIT: You can take a look here for an idea for using this pattern: the Kokiri Case.


Difficulty level: Intermediate

• 3,5 mm hook
• Cotton yarn in red and brown
• Yarn needle

Abbreviations (US terms):
ch= chain stitch
sc= single stitch
sc2tog= single crochet 2 stitches together

1. sc with color change: Insert hook into chain or stitch, yarn over and pull loop through st, CHANGE COLOR and yarn over with new yarn and pull loop through both loops (I found this video that shows clearly how to do it).

Jacquard paso 1

jacquard crochet

jacquard crochet


2. Carrying yarn: When you make the color change, don’t drop the previous color yarn leaving it outside, instead crochet around it. The yarn must be inside the stitches of next color. I will point when to hold or drop a yarn color that is not going to be used again in that row.

jacquard crochet


If you fail to follow this second step, it may look like this, not pretty:

jacquard mal
1. Make sure that when you are carrying the yarn, it really stays inside so it doesn’t show through other places.
2. It’s really easy for skeins to tangle up so be careful.

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