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A summer with a change of scenery

Hi, arachnids! This summer we continue our quest for patterns that are nice, pretty and cheap to satisfy our unstoppable knitting and crocheting addiction. And once again, it merged with our other addiction with colorful summer …READ MORE

Knitting, knitting... and spring is here!

Hi arachnids! As you can see from the title, I don’t know how we suddenly from autumn to spring. Time passes quickly! Or maybe I want to forget about the cold winter…READ MORE

Knitting autumn retreat

Here we are again in another autumn, arachnids. This year is almost ending but it won’t end before we deliver the surprises we’re preparing. As you know, I’m learning knitting since last year and I’ve tried to include a “Knitting corner” …READ MORE

Summer, crochet and sunshine

I told you before that this year was going to be one full of skirts and we are accomplishing what we promised little by little. This skirt is a paid pattern of intermediate level but quick to make and your choice of yarn will decide if it’s perfect for cold… READ MORE

Spring Survival Crochet

Ah, spring, taking layers on and off, birds singing and alergies are part of the spring experience. But this is also the momento to dust off some garments from last year, these garments need to be easy to combine, and especially, easy to layer… READ MORE

New Year, new life – Winter crochet

“¡The days will be happier!” Well, well, my dear arachnids. Welcome once more to this blog, and just like the song, this new year will be filled with happy yarn days… READ MORE

Summer accesories!

That’s right, summer is finally here, and for me it’s the second summer of this year, which means that I’ve endured double warmness, double A/C expenses and the most important part: I doubled my summer projects! Yay! As I said on my first summer post this year, in this hot… READ MORE

Summer, are you here?

Sadly, the answer is no… But! It’s time to talk about a magical land across multiple time zones, a land where is always hot and winter only means that it’s hot AND ALSO that there’s rain. A land where people walk with parasols and you have a permanent tan,  the 38°C-in-the-shade-land… READ MORE

Moroccan scarf

A classmate asked me for a scarf. His only words were “it must be dark blue, grey and green” and he warned me he liked fashion (talking about pressure!).With that pressure and the fear… READ MORE

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