Bead Crochet Tutorial


Hi arachnids! Today we have something different, and quite useful! After I finished my summer projects I decided to take a break from crochet… and that, of course, only lasted for about 1 day and a half. So, to feel less guilty I decided to learn a new way of crochet (one that wouldn’t imply to keep stuffing my closet). The technique I learned is called “Bead Crochet”.

bead crochet tutorial how to

I found that this technique was really popular but after learning it, I realized the information was almost non-existent in the Spanish-speaking world. Bead Crochet was so easy and so much practical and fun that I decided to start a new channel in YouTube with tutorial videos about this. I’m not an expert on YouTube or Bead Crochet but I think I will be able to show you how to do this.

bead crochet tutorial how to


The tutorial has several parts. I’m still not sure how many parts it will have but for now I have 5 short videos scheduled.

I will update this post every time I upload a new video and I will announce it on Twitter and Facebook for the ones that are interested (of course, it would be easier just to subscribe to the YouTube channel). The videos will only be available in Spanish but I will have English subtitles in case you are interested.

This tutorial aims for you to:

-Be an independent reader of Bead Crochet patterns.

-Be able to thread your beads correctly and following a pattern.

-Master the crochet technique needed to finish your project.

-Be able to identify mistakes when threading and crocheting so you can solve them before it’s too late.

-Have the resources and tools to design your own projects.

Additionally, I will be making additional comments or uploading additional resources here.

This time I have the first video ready. It goes without saying that I’m a newbie in YouTube so please let me know if you have suggestions. And now let’s work!

THE VIDEOS (tentative)

PARTE 1  – MATERIALS (16/08/2015)

Summary: Introduction to Bead Crochet. Materials needed for your different projects.


Summary: How to read the patterns you can find on the Internet. You can find them googling “bead crochet pattern”, it doesn’t matter it’s not in Spanish, because after watching the tutorial you will be able to make sense of them, regardless of the language.

I will leave here this three basic patterns, for the tutorial I’m going to use #2. If you want to see more complex patterns and plan your future projects, here you go: Go mad, people!






PART 3- CROCHET BASICS (23/08/2015)

Summary: Three basic crochet techniques that you need to know to use bead crochet: slip knot, chain and slip stitch. If you don’t know how to do them, this video is perfect for beginners! And if you already know, you can skip it or watch it and remember how it’s done. Once you know this three techniques, you can say you know how to crochet. Maybe you can keep learning? 😉

PART 4 -THREADING BEADS (30/08/2015)

Summary: How to use a beading needle. Tips to thread correctly your beads and to calculate how much to thread depending on the longitude.




PART 6- YOUR OWN DESIGNS (05/09/2015)


Hopefully you will give this a try and follow the tutorial. If you have any doubt, contact me and I will try to help: [email protected]


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