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Hi arachnids! Right now, here in El taller de Aracne we are only two, a crochet arachnid that does everything related to yarns, crochet, hooks and all of that and a technology arachnid that make the crochet arachnid’s whims come true and who makes possible that our pretty photos and blog (that we are improving little by little).

I, the crochet arachnid, am from Colombia. I’ve been living in Spain for a little while now and while I was here I started crochet classes and now I’m here… Every day a little more obsessed and with no one to tell. So my solution was to extend my new hobby to the Internet and show what I do, sell it, give it away, improve it and perfect it with help of the crafter community.

Why crochet? Well, it’s what I learned first and because I love its versatility, because if I get bored of doing scarves, I can start a basket for the bathroom and then finish a plush toy (amigurumi). Another thing you will be seeing here a lot is geek stuff that I like: some videogames, some series, some movies, etc. — things that I can’t resist to merge with crochet. I also love translating and you will be seeing some pattern translations that I like and if you have a pattern that you want to see translated (English–> Spanish) please contact me to [email protected] so I can help you.

I’m not an expert, but I’m learning and challenging myself little by little. Crochet relaxes but also challenges you and you will achieve and finish things that you never thought you could.

I hope I can start doing patterns and share them so I can pay back to the community all the patience and help it offered to me.

That’s all for today and if you see me crocheting in the subway or in a park, don’t hesitate to say hi! :3

So… Who is Aracne?

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